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The Hellenic Past, Present and Future

Dear readers,

As on March 25, 2021, we mark 200 years from the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire that led to the creation of a Greek state (Hellas), we feel it is our duty as Greek citizens (Hellenes) to highlight this memorable day.

Ancient Greece birthed the most insightful people and then an unprecedented culture developed because of them. It feels strange to express our gratitude towards our homeland in the English language, so we will share a famous quote by the Greek philosopher Demokritos; “Ὁ κόσμος σκηνή, ὁ βίος πάροδος· ἦλθες, εἶδες, ἀπῆλθες...”. In English it reads; “The world's a stage, life is a passage, you came, you saw, you departed”. The quote emphasizes that all people appear on earth for a small period of time, witness both its rights and wrongs and then disappear.

However, when it comes to applying the above to our ancestors, we strongly disagree. The warriors of 1821 didn’t just appear on earth. They fought and died for freedom. Without their admirable endeavor we wouldn’t be Greeks and our nation would be lost forever.

Our past is bright, our present hard and our future unpredictable. It is our duty to maintain and nurture the Greek side of us, the one that dies for what is right; the protection of our nation and its people.

As we celebrate at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we should take the time to try and grasp the significance of this 200-year anniversary. It is important to remember that our ancestors did not hesitate to do what was necessary to get out of slavery. We must mimic their heroism and do our best to gradually face our own problems.

May we always be Greek in mind and soul,



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