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Near Total Abortion Ban in Poland (situation, controversy, opposition explained)
By Irene Marinakis


Poland’s right-wing government, led by Mateusz Morawiecki, has supported a recent ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal on one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe.

· The newly established laws on near-total pregnancy termination prohibit it in case of serious defects of the fetus or incurable disease and only allow it as a consequence of rape, incest or danger to the mother’s health. Ergo, they are perceived as another attack on the fundamental rights of the citizens, going against European values.

· Doctors ignoring the laws face jail

· PiS has promised a return to a “traditional, pious society mixed with generous state handouts”.

· It took three months for the ruling to be officially published, due to an unprecedented wave of protests since October of 2020, larger than those experienced during the 1989 collapse of communism. On Wednesday, 10/02/2021, Polish women’s right movement leader Marta Lempart was charged with criminal felonies as well as praising the vandalism of churches and their “malicious obstruction”. She justified her active role by mentioning that “we’re gathering here because this state thinks it can take away our freedom” and criticized the government by saying that the polish population is “dealing with incompetence, corruption and a total decay of the state, so these men are doing what they know best-taking away rights and freedoms from the citizens”, “this is about women but also about all other minorities and majorities is that Law and Justice hates”

· Bartlomiej Wroblewski, a parliamentarian and member of the party referred to the ruling as a prescription of the right to live “it’s a universal right that protects all human beings from the beginning to the end of live. People who are ill or disabled have the same right to live as healthy people like us do”. In regards to the protests, he claims that the right to live is a human right that cannot depend on the mood of society

· “it’s not only women who you’re bringing to the streets; It’s the whole nation that has had enough” said the mayor of Warsaw.

Is the Law and Justice party growing increasingly autocratic rendering possible a potential political revolution within the country and the European framework?

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